As your business grows, so will your responsibilities. Whether you’re running a small business, freelancing, or blogging there are going to be times when you need to delegate a few tasks. Understanding the value of outsourcing could be just what you need to get ahead.

Here are a few areas to consider outsourcing to a professional:


If you’re a blogger or influence then you may well be a professional at marketing already, especially when it comes to social media marketing and using Instagram or Twitter to your advantage. However, if you run a small business or freelance other skills you may need a helping hand. Marketing can be a very time consuming and complex area to grasp and if you need to put all your time into other areas, it can eat away at value work that could help you to grow. 


This an area that self-employed people often fall down on. Whether it’s filing tax to make sure they are correct, keeping track of your cash flow, or making sure expenses are paid correctly accounting can again be something that takes up a lot of valuable time. In fact, accounting is an area that is outsourced within even large corporations. If you feel confident with completing most of your accounting work yourself and feel like you can keep track of it go for it, however, don’t question asking for advice if you need it. It certainly doesn’t pay to make a mistake in this department. 

legal advice 

There will be times during your self-employed career where you think or worry about overstepping the legal mark and getting things wrong. This is completely normal, there is an awful lot to consider. Whether it’s declaring that you are advertising something, or writing a client contract containing payment terms there will be one thing or another that you could potentially trip up on and get yourself into trouble with. This is why it’s a good idea to find somewhere that you can get legal advice about Business and commercial litigation