An office needs to be a practical and professional space, but there’s no reason why you can’t add a personal touch. By making your office cozier, you could make it a happier, healthier, and more productive space

Here are just a few ways to make your office feel like a welcome and inviting place to work and create.

comfortable furniture

Comfortable furniture could help you and your employees to work more effectively. It’s worth shopping for ergonomic office chairs that can be easily adjusted to match a person’s height. These more high-end chairs are also likely to last longer than basic office chairs. Some offices go as far as adding couches and bean bags – but these may not always be practical in all environments. 

add accessories

Many offices have wood floors or low-pile carpets. Area rugs can serve as a cozy decorative feature and could also help to make the floor more comfortable underfoot. Rugs could be placed under desks, at entry points, or in the center of an office where people gather. Try to opt for rugs that are easy to clean. 

Plants are a fresh source of oxygen and they have the capability to purify the air. Plants could be placed on desks or in the corner of the room in pots – so long as they are in an area that receives enough sunlight. Certain plants are more suited to offices than others. 

improve the lighting

When using lighting around your office, it’s important to think of the practical and emotional impact that it can have. The healthiest type of lighting is natural light – light from the sun helps our bodies to produce vitamin D, which is important for our mood. Large windows and skylights are the best ways to maximize natural light. LEDs are also a good option.