We make career and life choices often at a young age. When you left high school you were probably expected to know exactly what you wanted to do with your life. Some do. They’re the ones that knew since they were little that they wanted to be a doctor, lawyer, artist, or scientist. Then, there are the rest of us. 

We may have made a decision, early in life, to go with a career path that your parents like or that you were good at. However, over time, you began to realize that just because you’re good at something, doesn’t mean it should be your life long career.

What we had desired several years ago might no longer be actual, desirable, or possible. Today, with an increasing number of opportunities, there are many options to consider. You may decide to completely change your career path. Or, you may find that charitable work provides the creative purpose-filled outlet that you’ve been missing.

find a different career

Traditionally, in our society, a career is a straight line that you continue on until retirement. However, today professionals tend to switch industries, companies, and even career paths more frequently. We’re learning that just because you made a career choice early in life, doesn’t mean that you will love it forever, or that you can’t change lanes. With the addition of online courses and degrees, it’s become increasingly convenient and affordable to expand your skills and explore your options.

Think about it like this. It’s like buying a house. Your first home won’t likely be the home that you would choose at a later stage in life. Sure you committed to it when you bought it, but that doesn’t mean you committed to it for life.

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give back

Sometimes we find ourselves feeling as if we’re in a  trap of losing sight of our purpose. Our lives can become consumed with work, family, and adult responsibilities, but that  doesn’t mean you feel fulfilled in life.  Joining a non-profit organization, or helping a charity that you care about, can have endless benefits and it might be just what you need.