Being a successful businesswoman is no walk in the park. In addition to the normal challenges of entrepreneurship,  there are additional issues connected to gender bias. As a result, many women entrepreneurs find themselves having to work a little hard, produce better quality, and always be on their ‘A’ game.

However, there are some that have paved the way. Successful female business owners are knocking down barriers and paving a pathway for success. Here, we look at some of the things that have helped female business owners achieve success.

time management

Traditionally, women are the masters of time management. In most households, they play all the rolls. These innate skills often also make then excellent business owners.

In business, time management is essential for success. Time is money, and you can’t afford to be wasteful with either. Make sure that you’re focused on the tasks that provide the greatest return. For example, if you need additional inventory to expand your product line, now might not be the time to work on your marketing rebrand. 

tip: If you work with teams or handle multiple projects, workflow tools such as Trello and Asana are superb ways to organize and delegate tasks.


Outsourcing is a great way to get more done. Tasks like social media management, online customer service, and even managed IT services, can easily be outsourced to a qualified individual. This will leave you open to work on what you’re best at -building your business. 

know when to say no

While you might strategic tasks and be super productive with your time, remember if you take on too much, you may still find yourself overwhelmed. Understanding how your business thrives is just as important as learning what will and won’t work.

Not every opportunity is one that you should take advantage of. In fact, it’s important to learn early on what’s truly an opportunity and what’s merely a distraction – and always say no to the latter.