It can be difficult to run a small business. As a business owner, you manage everything. And while there are many tasks to keep up with, there are ways to navigate the chaos.

When you first started, you were doing the foundational work. Finding funding or applying for commercial loans, identifying vendors and suppliers, and really just getting the hang of everything.  Now, that you’re up and running, this is a new level of busyness. It’s also why we’ve put together a few tips for time management. 

So, let’s take a look at what you can do to help your business to thrive.

have a plan

How many times have you started your day without a plan? Probably more often than not. The problem with winging things is the lack of strategy.

Consider your current priorities, and make sure that you’re giving attention to each one. Make a list, and keep it close by. Break down tasks by time, difficulty, or importance – whatever works for you. The goal is to work the plan with a realistic structure that you can stick to.

avoid doing many things at once

Multi-tasking can be tempting. The thought that you can tick off several activities by doing them all at the same time, seems legit. However, this is often how mistakes are made in your business. When you’re doing multiple things at once, none of them are getting your full attention or focus. By avoiding multitasking you’ll also avoid carelessness and unnecessary mistakes.

breaks are necessary

Some people believe that it’s easier to work under a little pressure. However, while deadlines can be effective, proper time management may actually be a better model. Purposefully planning your day can go a long way in helping to create some balance in life.

Time management isn’t just about fitting in as much as you can in one day. It’s about being able to factor in time to slow down and rest as well. You won’t have every day completely perfect, but you will be able to maintain some balance if you can implement a level of planning.

be organized

A cluttered desk equals a cluttered mind. You cannot build an empire in a mess. Take a few tips from Marie Kondo and declutter your space! 

stop losing time

For every hour you are working, how often do you pick up your phone and scroll social media?  It’s very easy to get sucked into tasks that are taking you away from your work. One way to evaluate how you’re spending your time is to start jotting down what you do each hour. 

It may sound tedious but it will help you identify exactly how you are spending your time. Once you have worked areas where you are wasting time, you can make effective change. You will also be able to assess tasks that aren’t as efficient as you’d like. For example, why spend time trying to keep up with social media posts, when you could simply use a social media scheduling software.