Apps and the right software are essential tools for business. If you’re a woman in business, you likely find yourself doing business both online and offline. Even the biggest online boutiques do pop-up shops and vendor booths at events. Which means that you need tools that are as versatile as you are. 

From crew scheduling apps that help you navigate staffing needs to curated marketing sites like Hubspot Marketing Hub that provides marketing tips and tools, you need access to resources that help you grow your business. 

The truth is that not all businesses need the same thing… but here are 3 more apps/software options,  you’ll want to keep in mind.


If you’ve ever had a stressful or overwhelming session with Photoshop, don’t swear off all graphic design software just yet. Canva allows you to design professional-quality graphics and branding elements. Because Canva is also a simple drag-and-drop platform that allows you to layer in design elements, you’ll be able to save on design costs and maintain quality.

5 reasons why you should be using Canva

1 – it’s free

2 – access your projects from any device

3 – they have in-program stock photos, icons, fonts, and elements

4 – create brand consistency

5 – save time


The process of accepting online payments doesn’t have to be complicated. There are several payments to choose; however, Paypal is widely recognized and account set up is easy.  It’s an integrated payment processing system that handles credit cards and ACH transfer transactions. 

Microsoft 365

If you find that you need the functionality of creating documents or updating spreadsheets on the go, Google Suite apps, or the Microsoft 365 App are both good options. In the past, you were limited to the software that was installed on your desktop or laptop, but now everything is cloud-based. Which is excellent for security and access. An added benefit is that you’re able to access your files or create new ones, from any device.