As cryptocurrency and blockchain gain traction across the world, more and more women are entering the space. They’re not just building companies, they’re even creating their own coin… These women are making moves right now.

The cryptocurrency market is still fairly new. Coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin have become the most popular, but anyone can create a cryptocurrency. 

It’s important to note that blockchain and cryptocurrency are not the same, but they work together. Cryptocurrency uses blockchain to secure trades and records across industries.


black women in crypto

McKenzie Slaughter, a member of the Black Women Blockchain Council. She’s been open and vocal about the fact that black women in America’s blockchain and cryptocurrency circuits are going unseen. In fact, while many black women are active in cryptocurrency, they’re often not promoted or given recognition.

Slaughter is the co-CEO and chief investment officer of Beyond Capital Markets. BCM is a fintech, and social impact firm that uses blockchain and cryptocurrency to help companies grow. Beyond Capital Markets currently helps Caribbean countries build a financial infrastructure around cryptocurrency.

Organizations like Black Women Blockchain Council and the Black Woman’s Guide to Crypto and Blockchain invest in the education and knowledge spread of cryptocurrency. They provide networking events, workshops, and tools for Black women to learn more about the technologies.


According to a 2015 report by the Conference of State Bank Supervisors and the Massachusetts Division of Banks, African Americans are less likely to have heard about cryptocurrencies compared to their White and Hispanic counterparts. A 2014 study revealed that African Americans are less likely than Whites and Hispanics to know “a lot” about Bitcoin.


the non-profit space

Connie Gallippi is a woman who wanted to change the gender mix of the bitcoin community. She noticed that most people at crypto conferences were male and decided that there was no inherent reason for this. She founded BitGive, a non-profit that allows people to donate money to good causes from all over the world. Her goal is to ensure that women share in the wealth that crypto could bring. 

servicing the wealthy

Elizabeth White began her experiment with crypto in 2011 after discovering the benefits that the currency could bring. Here was a form of money that didn’t rely on governments or banks. You just used a secured broker, and you could convert between fiat and crypto however you liked. 

The reason for her success, she says, has to do with people’s desire to make aspirational purchases safely. There’s a massive demand from the world’s new millionaire classes for cars, luxury watches, and expensive pieces of art. White’s company gives people what they want more than anything when buying these products: anonymity. Crypto millionaires can trade their cash while protecting their identities and avoiding all the usual channels (and pitfalls).