New small business trends seem to change by the day. Every time you master one thing there’s already something new to look into. In this post, we’re giving you a little look on three emerging trends of 2020.


Whether you’ve decided to automate your social media content or your sales emails, automation is taking over most business communications. Two of the top new business trends is chatbots and the use of virtual assistants.

  • chatbots – previously chatbots were seen as a nuisance but they’re getting more and more sophisticated. With new developments in AI, chatbots are able to learn your customers and you’re able to tweak their messaging and allow them to interact with customers.
  • virtual assistants are more popular than ever. The ability to delegate administrative or customer service tasks without needing office space for staff is priceless. There’s also the benefit of using virtual assistants for live customer service calls. Companies like make this an easy and seamless process.

how creating a strong brand message can grow your business - tiffany nicole forever

mobile apps

Creating a custom app for your business is one of the more popular current e-commerce trends. Having an app allows you to sell directly to your customer in a phone-friendly format. The best part is that it’s easier than ever to build a mobile app of your own. There are even no-code platforms that allow you to generate an app without having to know how to code.

branding is essential

Branding has evolved from simply needing a good looking logo. In fact, good graphic design is now essential to creating a strong brand for your business. To stand out you’ll need a complete brand package including brand colors, cohesive font choices, a memorable tag line, and an easily identifiable logo.