Your business is up and running… even faster than you expected. You’re probably thinking of ways to cut back on costs and still provide a high level of quality and service. Before you start thinking about hiring more staff, consider outsourcing.

graphic design and marketing


While marketing is an essential element to most businesses, it’s not always practical for a small business to have a marketing employee on the payroll. In order to ensure that your branding and marketing efforts standout and are competitive, seek out a professional that you can hire on a per-project basis. 

tip: talk to other business owners that have a brand aesthetic that you like. They will often share their resources with you. 

Check out online sites like Upwork and Fiverr. These site feature freelancers that generally have upfront pricing and an online portfolio. Take the time to check out their portfolio. You want to be sure that they have the talent, skill, and experience to create the branding and marketing pieces that you’re envisioning.

the technical stuff

IT support isn’t something that you can afford not to have for your business. It’s also the thing most of us have the least experience in. If your business utilizes a lot of technology or is primarily online, you’ll want to, at the very minimum, have an IT specialist on speed-dial.

tip: before you get in over your head with coverage that you don’t need… be sure to do your research on areas of vulnerability for your business specifically. Then, be sure to learn more about which areas are covered by a company it contractor before you hire them.

human resources and recruiting

If you’re just getting to the point where you’re hiring staff HR staff is something that you may need infrequently and definitely not all the time. However, keep in mind that as you grow, there will come a time where HR is essential to the success of your business. 

tip: Consider starting small. Find a firm that can assist with your current minimal need but that can also grow with your business.