When running a beauty business, a big part of your marketing strategy will be establishing a strong brand presence. However, the best way to market will always be word-of-mouth. Because when you take good care of your clients, they’ll become your biggest cheerleaders.

tip: Always try to offer your clients something that entices them to continue to use your business. It’s okay to get creative with this. Consider boosting your beauty brand with custom items like branded pens, shirts, and private label spring water

You’ll also want to increase brand with these targeted tips.

offer rewards

If you offer your clients a rewards program, you’re going to offer them a reason to keep coming to you. Think of it like a coffee stamp with every cup: you can stamp a treatment every time and offer a free one after a certain number! When you do this, you guarantee loyalty from your clients as they’ll be excited to come back to you.

improve the aesthetic

How often do you see a salon that looks run down and plain? It doesn’t happen often because those who are don’t last very long. You want to look professional and that means playing the best music and ensuring that the whole of your premises is as inviting as possible.

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listen to your clients

The best way to keep your clients coming back to you is to listen to what they want. Hold a survey and take the results seriously – after all, these are the people who are using your business. If you listen to what they have to say, you’re going to be able to keep clients feeling valued and happy. That’s what you want to achieve the most.

increase customer loyalty

It’s easy to entice the new clients, but easier to keep the clients you’ve got. Offer them complementary services and discounts as much as you would newbies to your business. If you show that you are as loyal to your clients as they are to you, you’re going to have people banging down the door.

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offer appreciation events

As a salon, you need to impress people in the local area. If you have events hosted at least once a year, you can offer the community a little more. You can also ensure that people know who you are. Host raffles and giveaways and make sure that you advertise locally so that people will see it.