You’ve been sure for a while now. You’re starting to get the feeling that he’s planning something special but you’re not quite sure. First, be patient. Making the decision to propose is a serious one not just because of the magnitude of the declaration, but also in how he chooses to do it. 

You want an unforgettable experience and it might be on the way… here are 3 special ways that he might choose to propose.

your special place

If you have a special place together, that you haven’t been to in a while, he may be making it a little more special for you.  It may be where you first met or had your first kiss. Places can hold sentimental value and act as a reminder of your love.

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the out of the box proposal

If you’re not a traditional person, trust me, he knows. He’s likely planning something out of the box for your proposal. Don’t be surprised if it involves a childhood memory you’ve mentioned or a destination from your bucket list

Men like a challenge and getting down on one knee is only one way to create a memorable engagement. Your ring may end up in your favorite food or at the bottom of your morning mimosa. Just be sure to pay attention to the details! You’ll be happy he went out of his way for you.

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a treasure hunt

If he’s planned a different type of excursion for you, you might want to be on high alert. When details are left out or you’re simply told to show up somewhere, you may be on a proposal treasure hunt. Guys like this idea because of the element of surprise ant the ability to involve others in the planning process.

tip: If you haven’t given him clues on the type of ring you’d like, conveniently leave your browser open to styles you’ve found on Pinterest or visit