All freelancers are not alike. There is a myriad of things that differentiate freelancers, from personality type to our industry of choice, and even the way that we work. However, when you solely work from home, there are common challenges that affect us all.

here are a few things to keep in mind…

you are not alone

One of the most significant issues that female freelancers face, when working remotely, is isolationOf course, the idea of working in your pj’s and binge-watching Netflix while you work can sound like a sweet deal. However, eventually, the novelty usually wears off. And if you’re not naturally an introvert, you’ll begin to miss the connections and interactions of the workplace. 

The solution to this problem is to remember that you are not alone. Find and join an online group to chat during the day. Look for local meetups for freelancers, women that work from home, or entrepreneurs. Having regular, scheduled interaction can help to alleviate the burden of isolation

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tip: all work and no play can make for a grumpy girl. make sure that you are scheduling time to ignore work. Whether it’s self-care Sunday, spring cleaning, yard work, or just sleeping in, don’t be ‘on’ all the time.

you don’t have to know everything

Many freelances believe they have to do everything in their business. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Although there are many ways for you to learn more skills, you could also benefit from connecting with other freelancers that specialize in areas that you’re not familiar or comfortable with. 

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you can find your balance

Much of the appeal of being a freelance, is the ability to work from home and be there for our families. However, being able to juggle home, family, and work takes some effort on your part. It will be important for you to establish a designated work space. Preferably, this area will have a door, for privacy and to better focus.

You may find that you need specified work times to get projects done. Or, maybe you’re good at getting your work done whenever you’re most creative, and instead, need a schedule for cooking and cleaning.  However, you find your balance as a freelance, be sure that you make time for yourself, your social life, household management, and of course, work.