Big life decisions are impactful and can often shape how life plays out and who we become. There’s no way to escape making difficult decisions but you can plan and prepare for them. Here are a few things you should know about making hard decisions.

find alignment with your decisions & your values

First, consider what’s guiding you. You want to be able to align the decisions you make with your values. What we deem important and the values that guide our lives shouldn’t be ignored when making important decisions.

If your personal values really matter to you, let them inform your decision making.

spend time alone… to think

To get really clear on how you really feel, you may need to take some time alone. Sometimes being surrounded by others and their opinions can be overwhelming. Don’t be afraid to self-isolate to better understand what you truly want.

consider the facts

Understanding all the situational facts is a key part of effective decision making. In order to make the right decision, you need to be informed. That means looking at all the facts in the most objective way possible and being led by what you find.

Of course, it’s not all about facts when it comes to making decisions regarding your personal life. For example, if you were making the decision to give baby up for adoption you will also want to consider the emotional and psychological toll this type of decision could have.

consider future implications

It’s important to differentiate between the short-term result of your planned decision and the long-term implications it may have. Both matter. However, most people find that the long term effect always outweighs any initial discomfort. 

Making big decisions in life is never easy. That’s just the nature of life and the challenges we face. You can never be sure that you’re making the right choices before you make them, but hopefully the tips above will help you make better ones going forward.