When choosing a career, the compensation package shouldn’t be your only criteria. For long term career satisfaction, you should also consider your personal aspirations, skills, and natural talents. If you enjoy having an impact on the lives of others, we’ve compiled a few career categories that may work well for you.


Every person plays an essential role in the healthcare industry. And although many aspire to become doctors, you don’t need a doctorate to play an important role in keeping people safe and healthy. Nurses, administrative workers, and emergency responders all play as important a role. Or, if helping others get back on their feet and learn or relearn life skills, interests you, you could get a masters degree in occupational therapy. 

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social work

Social workers help to provide services to the most vulnerable of the population. They ensure that people understand and have access to available resources. Although they often work in government or community roles, social workers also work with non-profits and the private sector.

Social workers serve in the gap.

They recognize the importance of authentic relationships and community connections. Through their efforts, they provide their clients with assistance on every level. But social work can be difficult. The work depends on maintaining trustworthy positive relationships with individuals that suffer from many different grievances. For this reason, social workers need to be patient, organized, and great communicators.

community services

Many communities have a wide range of non-profit run services that help to improve the quality of life for as many people as possible. These can include libraries, sporting centers, nursing homes, and much more. Social and community service managers are in charge of finding funding for and running these establishments. They can play a very important role in helping those who may not have access to paid services like others.