We often don’t equate how they take care of themselves to career performance, But your health and well-being are very important to your ability to be successful. If you’re not healthy, you can’t perform at an optimal level.

Women are motivated by many factors, including our own ambitions, love for our work, and financial goals. However, although these ambitions and motivators can push us on to great things, they can also damage us in ways we don’t expect. The strong desire to be successful can mean you ignore what your body needs, putting more and more stress onto yourself whilst continuing with work until you finally become ill or burn out. Not only is this bad for your health, but also for your business, as it means you will lose valuable focus and time.

Instead, it’s important to find a balance between striving towards your goals and taking good care of your health. In the long run, both will benefit if you follow a few simple steps to make sure you’re always in great shape both mentally and physically.

health insurance

The first tip might seem obvious, but it’s worth restating. Getting health insurance is an important step in managing your health. If your job doesn’t provide it or you’re self-employed, do your research! There are affordable options that offer good coverage.

Another thing to consider is when someone else is responsible for your poor health. For example, if you’re having breathing problems but you also worked for a company that emitted high pollutants, you may want to consider if they should be fronting your healthcare costs. Under Statutes §76-18, suing, or taking action to hold someone else accountable, has to be taken within two years of the event that has caused it.

take sick days

Many women are reluctant to take days off work due to illness. Because it can lead to loss of earnings, and it’s often frowned upon. Although paid sick leave is not in national law, 74% of workers do have an arrangement with their employer for sick pay if needed. Even if this does not apply to you, or you are self-employed, sick days are worth their while. It is far better to take one or two days off when necessary than allow yourself to keep pushing until your health worsens and you are forced into much longer periods of time off work. 

take care of yourself


Exercise is incredibly important for keeping your body healthy and physically fit. Even if this isn’t something that concerns you particularly, keeping yourself in good shape isn’t just for appearances. Exercise releases endorphins which will help balance your mood and allow you to work harder and concentrate more fully on any tasks. I


Therapy isn’t just for those with more serious mental health issues – it can help everyone live a healthier, more balanced life, and this is exactly what you need in order to progress your career and reach your goals. If you feel you’re too busy for weekly sessions, there are some great apps like Talkspace which allow you to make use of them on your own schedule, whenever you need.