Fashion styles are generational. While they may be inspired by the past, most trends are heavily influenced by the current generation. As such, if you want to gain brand loyalty for your fashion brand, it’s important to know what appeals to them.

Brand Presence

Brands are living, breathing, and Tweeting. Younger consumers tend to be a lot more connected than others and, as such, look for a certain level of online interactivity from the brands they follow and support. Having a great Twitter presence can be invaluable when it comes to winning them over. The now-famous Wendy’s online marketing campaign has proven this to be true. 

One aspect of fashion and industry that is more than a purely aesthetic concern for many is how environmentally responsible it all is. Green chic is very much on the way up, with new developments like luxury fabrics made by Tencel lyocell filament making it much more achievable. Reusable or recyclable fabrics, sustainable production methods, and recyclable packaging are all becoming a lot more valued by the customer and, thus, more lucrative for brands.

Nostalgia Works

Zoomers and Millenials share a common decade for which they are largely nostalgic, whether or not they fully remember it. We’re talking about the 90s, and a lot of resurfacing fashion trends are coming straight out of those years. From bell-bottoms (which came back in the 90s from the 70s) to high waisted jeans, a lot of what was once going out of fashion is coming right back in. The online fashion magazine Grazia can keep you up to date on current trends.

Consider Bespoke

Fashion is personal, and a lot of companies are making it even more personal by making fashion customizable. This might not be possible for every fashion startup, but if you can implement some sort of bespoke feature into your business, it can go a long way. T-shirt printing companies are the most basic version of this idea, but you don’t have to limit yourself to printing alone. Offering bespoke alterations can be labor-intensive, but can make your startup a lot more appealing to a small, dedicated base willing to pay more.