Climate activists are campaigning for a mindful lifestyle. And as we’re learning more and more about global warming, we’re starting to understand that they’re right. Your business operations may be lean and efficient, but are they green?

Here are a few things you can do to give a little love to the environment. 

go paperless

Going paperless is the top suggestion for becoming a green business. However, you need to establish a strategy before you consider cutting down your paper consumption. Be sure that implement a plan that includes secure reliable cloud or in-house server storage. You’ll also want to put time into researching the right software. It’s important that you choose programs that support your business transactions and keep your customer data secure.

tip: consider having one of your team members take a course and complete the EMP test. This will ensure that you have someone on your staff that knows how to help you make the necessary changes to go green.

take it seriously

How are your profits made? Is your business model sustainable for the changing needs and desires of your customers? Many entrepreneurs battle with whether to make their businesses green or to focus on profitability. 

But it’s also important for you to consider the changes happening within society. For example, years ago, plant-based meat alternatives were not big business. Now, however, companies like Beyond Meat and others are dominating. Why? Because the needs and desires of the consumer changed.

tip: as you begin to implement your go-green strategies, add what you’re doing to your marketing. Your customers will love that you’re making it a priority and it will encourage other businesses to do the same.

Go Green - and entrepreneur's guide to doing more for the environment

don’t treat it like a trend

Don’t assume that green strategies are just a strategic trend. The devastating effects of climate change have already started taking a toll on our environment. By making going green a priorityin your business, you’re helping your community and the world, for generations to come.