Have you ever arrived at a business and been surprised at how small their operation actually was? That’s the thing about great branding: a really great identity and marketing materials can give the impression that your business is actually bigger than it actually is.

If you’re ready to improve the perception of your business. here are steps you can take today to make your business look bigger and more professional than it currently does.

clean up your brand

What’s the biggest difference between the solopreneur and larger established businesses? There is always a level of professionalism and consistency from the bigger name companies. After all, they likely have a full marketing and design team. 

First, it’s important to consider if you really want your

business to look bigger than it is. 

You may have a niche business that benefits from it’s cozy, personal feel. If so, then it’s important for you to polish up your marketing; but don’t lose the intimate feeling of your business in the process.

create a strong online presence

A consistent and strong social media presence helps to build trust with your potential customers. Your website is just one fundamental element of having an online presence. You want to also have a strong social media following and honest reviews. If you’re not into social media, building an online presence may not be easy for you. You may want to consider the help of a social media specialist or an internet marketing company

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if your business is online, get professional phone service and address

Believe it or not, people will research your business before ever contacting you. Your address or even your voicemail could be a dead giveaway that you’re a small business. While you may not have a need to give your address out to clients, there may be times when you need to accept physical mail. Using a virtual address can be a way of not having to give out your personal address. Companies like FedEx and UPS stores offer this service. 

If you’re having a hard time juggling calls from clients, consider outsourcing a phone answering service. You’ll always have someone professional handing your calls, and you’ll be able to focus on other tasks without missing a beat.