Are you noticing a few odd things happening in your home or office electrical system? Some of them may be minor and only need a little tweaking. However, others can signify a major problem.

When it comes to electrical issues, you don’t want to take shortcuts. Choose a professional that is insured and that is familiar with the problem you’re experiencing. If your issues are at home you’ll want to research electricians commercial electricians specialize in commercial and industrial properties.

Here are a few signs that may mean there’s a problem:

the circuit breakers trip regularly

When too much power is being used at one time it can cause your circuit breaker to trip. This helps your electrical system avoid overload. However, your breakers are constantly tripping, even when your appliances and devices are not plugged in and being used, it could be a sign that the circuit breaker itself is experiencing mechanical failure. 

burning smell

If you can smell something burning and it’s not coming from the fireplace, it may be a sign that there is a significant issue with your electrical system. If you can smell burning, you need to address the problem as soon as possible. Don’t take fire smells for granted. Wiring, circuit breakers, power outlets, and even a malfunctioning HVAC, can all cause burning smells.

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bills are higher than normal

Have you noticed that your electricity bill is higher than normal although your usage hasn’t increased? It could be faulty wiring in your electrical system. Or, it could be a problem with your electricity meter. Contact your energy company and request an assessment.  

There are many things that could contribute to a failing electrical system. Learning how to recognize the signs will make it easier for you to identify the problems correctly so that the proper upgrades can be performed correctly and safely by a professional electrician who has the right parts and tools to complete the work.