Even though it’s currently in the spotlight, the truth is that entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone. Being an entrepreneur requires a rare kind of tenacity and independence. You have to have a willingness to initiate, follow-through, and persevere through doubt and uncertainty.

While entrepreneurship will stretch you, it can also be incredibly rewarding and fill you with a sense of purpose. Most entrepreneurs will tell you that they love what they do. But there are also business owners that just enjoy the work of running a business.

even though they share similar traits, not all entrepreneurs are alike

Entrepreneurs don’t just have great ideas. They also have to know how to make decisions. You’ll need to know when somethings not working, when to throw in the towel, and when an idea still worth pursuing. You may be reading this, thinking that it all sounds doable… but it still takes a special set of skills to be a successful entrepreneur.

If you’re considering entrepreneurship and you think you’ve got what it takes, we’ve created a list of traits that you can be sure will serve you well in this fast-paced environment.

you got the entrepreneur bug early 

One common denominator of most successful entrepreneurs is that they were business-minded from a young age. From finding creative ways to get an increase in your allowance or to earn money in your neighborhood, were you that kid that figured out how to make money?

you know how to spot trends 

Entrepreneurs are constantly looking for ways to satisfy the needs of others. From new fashion trends, new commercial properties for sale, and technology advancements, entrepreneurs stay alert as to what’s happening in the market. Do you regularly predict trends or market changes before they happen? 

you think big

Where a “rational” or “practical” mind seeks to avoid risk and play on a more manageable scale, the entrepreneurial mind sees a much bigger picture. Do you constantly see the glass as half full? Do you consider the reward more than the risk? Are you willing to try something that others are too afraid to do? 

you surround yourself with go-getters

Tim Ferriss said it best when he said “You are the average of the five people you most associate with.” Having negative influences in your life can suck the life out of your vision. Start surrounding yourself with people that don’t make excuses or validate inaction. Look for women that are getting things done and finding solutions.

essential tips to becoming a better entrepreneur

you get ish done

Let’s face it, most people procrastinate on everything. Some talk themselves out of doing something, while others are constantly behind the curve because they waited. But on skill that most entrepreneurs have is rapid execution. They don’t wait to figure out the many ways to make something happen. They just get it done.

you’re a visionary

An entrepreneur is and expert dreamers. Where others see limitations, they see possibility. They create businesses out of nothing and are always ready to grab the opportunity and run!