In many ways, your computer is your greatest asset in business. However… While your computer should be your greatest asset, there are reasons why it might also cause you great problems within your business.

Here are the issues you’ll want to watch for –

#1: when your systems run slow

The more you store on your computer, the slower it will take to do simple tasks. Older software will have difficulty with new software and sometimes full memory/storage will also affect the performance of your systems. But there are ways to remedy this issue.

Start by doing a purge. Get rid of any files or programs that you no longer use or need. Uninstall any programs that haven’t seen any use in a long time. Delete your temporary files and old photos and compress large files using this tutorial – how does data compression work.  Another solution may be to purchase an external drive, that stores items that are slowing down your system, or consider cloud storage as well.

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#2: security

According to one study, nearly 70% of small businesses experience cyber attacks of one form or another. If this happens to your business, there will be consequences. This is one area that you want to be proactive, and not reactive, about. 

Educate yourself on the latest hacking threats.  It’s important that you know what you’re up against so that you can protect sensitive data and records. If computer security isn’t really your thing, consider hiring an IT professional to handle it for you.

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#3: issues with data loss

When was the last time you backed up your business data? If you can’t remember, then perhaps now is the time to do so. Issues with your hardware aren’t the only reasons for data loss, as human error can also play a part, as can hackers who might block you out of your computer systems in a ransomware attack

To back up your data, you might want to transfer or copy your important and sensitive files to a USB stick or larger external hard drive. You might also want to use cloud storage in your business, as this will afford you the space you need if you have a lot to back up.