Believe it or not, but it’s still very common for women in the workplace to feel uncomfortable asserting themselves. While it’s improving, inequality in the workplace is still a big problem. Many women feel that if they speak up and share their ideas and concerns, they won’t be taken seriously. They also worry that it what they have to say isn’t positive, they’ll be seen as aggressive or opinionated.

This can be a big problem for your business. Because it essentially means that some of your best and brightest employees aren’t sharing their ideas and your bottom line may be suffering. Many companies think that simple gestures like employee awards from EDCO awards, or annual raises are enough. But your team want

That’s why it’s so important that you empower your female employees. Creating an environment where they feel comfortable contributing to discussions should be a priority. These are some of the best ways to create a workplace where female employees have a voice. 

create a safe space

Sometimes, female employees don’t speak up because they assume that their opinion is not valued. Consider for a moment how you, as a manager or business owner, are showing them that you want their ideas and feedback. The easiest to start is to simply ask them for their input.

Since some people aren’t comfortable expressing themselves in large groups, try something different. Try small group or one-on-one discussions. This way you’re able to show genuine interest and that you value what they have to say. 

be inclusive 

When you are creating a brand for your business, make your employees a part of the process. Showing your customers who you are and what you stand for is very important, and your female employees should be a central part of that. If you showcase your strong female employees on your website and social media pages, you show them that they are an important part of the company that you want people to know about.

By putting your female employees at the center of your brand, you show them that they are valued and you also show the world that you are a company that champions the female worker. This will help to strengthen your brand and it will also attract more talent to the company.