Your mindset is one of the most important things when it comes to your potential for success in business. However, unknowingly, you might still have a few beliefs that are limiting you or holding you back. It’s not uncommon to have limiting beliefs that stop us from living our best lives, but with intentional effort, you can overcome them.

If you want to run and grow your own successful business, take a look at the beliefs you should have in 2019. 

I, nor my business, has to be perfect

Perfection doesn’t exist. As long as you’re making progress, you’re doing good. Schedule time to regularly check-in and see how you’re doing… monitor your progress and improve as you go.

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I am capable

Thinking others can do it better than you is not what you should focus on. Always remember that you have a unique set of gifts and skills to share with the world.

So why not you? Why not now?

12 affirmations

I deserve success

Many people have a subliminal belief that success isn’t for them. They often see success and happiness as something that others experience and don’t actually picture themselves being able to live successful thriving lives.

This limited belief isn’t hard to overcome. Start by meditating and seeing yourself (and your family) successful. Recite positive affirmations every day and take some time to write out and articulate what success means to you personally. You deserve to have all of your heart’s desires… you just first have to believe it.

The Affirmation Mindset & Preparing for Manifestation by Tiffany Nicole

I can run a successful business and enjoy my life

Many female entrepreneurs worry that success in business means giving your personal life. This doesn’t have to be true! While it might be hard at first when you’re just getting started, you’ll be able to develop a good work/life balance later as you’re able to delegate tasks and hire a managed services provider. In the meantime, be intentional about spending time with loved ones, traveling, and focusing on your personal hobbies. Ultimately, you’re the business owner and how you manage your time is completely up to you.