Running a business can be stressful. But there are a few routines and habits that you can put in place to help reduce the stress and stay on top of your game. 

improve your work environment

Is your workspace causing you stress? Not the work itself, but rather the actual physical environment. Your desk may be cluttered. The area where you work may be loud or distracting. You may have bad lighting or even outdated equipment that causes you to have to work harder.

Believe it or not, our productivity and mood can be affected by the state of our workspace.

Take the time to assess your work environment. Identify what you can do to improve workflow, efficiency, and aesthetic. Then, start with the basics: clean, organize, refresh.

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outsource what you can

Many entrepreneurs wish that they had embraced outsourcing earlier. It can be one of the great ways to help eliminate stress and keep you focused on revenue-generating activities. Outsourcing tasks is often seen as just another expense, but there are many benefits to delegate your duties to others.

  • Consider finding a social media manager to help with your social media marketing efforts.
  • If your business is e-commerce, consider outsourcing any IT tasks to companies like Safebit.
  • Or it may be as simple as hiring day laborers to help with packing and shipping orders.

Sure, there are costs involved. However, you’ll get more done and stress less.

learn to calm yourself

Are quick to snap when stressed? Great leaders understand the importance of remaining calm under pressure. Many entrepreneurs, find themselves overwhelmed with stress, which in time affects performance, temperament, and health.

Trust us, burnout is a very real thing.

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Start creating daily habits that help you to manage your stress levels. Try these:

  • start using a gratitude journal – this will help you appreciate what you currently have, how far you’ve come, and what you’ve achieved.
  • stay positive – be intentional about your mood and outlook. Use affirmations and positive thinking techniques to keep yourself in a good mental space.
  • Get a strong support system. If you don’t have one already, commit to making it a point to surround yourself with other women entrepreneurs.
  • Take breaks when needed. Whether it’s a full mental health day or simply getting away for lunch each day, make your personal well-being a priority.
  • Exercise, eat better and get some sleep.