In the ideal world, when we’re going through a breakup, we’d take time off from work, surround ourselves with our favorite foods and binge watch Netflix. However… for most of us, work is still expecting us to show up and our businesses won’t run themselves. But there are still ways to heal from a breakup and take care of your responsibilities.

get real with yourself

The most important thing you can do when healing from a breakup is to give yourself grace and permission to get better.

Instead of focusing on getting over it, allow yourself to feel the full range of emotions that you’re facing.

Be honest and vulnerable with yourself and then be okay with letting go and accepting that your failed relationship doesn’t mean you failed.

open up

During times like this, you may be tempted to shut down and bottle up your emotions. But holding in how you’re feeling can actually have the opposite effect. It’s important that you reach out to trusted loved ones to reinforce that you’re not alone and as an outlet to express what you’re going through. Here, Hunter Perret explains the importance of telling your loved ones about your breakup. 

you are not broken even if you're healing from a bad breakup - Tiffany Nicole Forever Blog

at work… delegate

If you’ve got staff members, now is the time to really utilize them. Delegate as much as you can and give yourself a break. If your mood is affecting your work, this might be the best way to maintain consistency in quality and efficiency while you heal from the breakup.

If you work alone, can you afford to hire a VA to help you with some admin tasks like replying to emails, managing your social media and updating your website? This might allow you to take a few days off.

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change your environment

If you usually work from home, things can be especially tricky. You might find that everything reminds you of your breakup and that it’s impossible to focus. Consider working somewhere else… even if it’s only temporary. Hiring a co-working desk, or working from your favorite coffee shop.

Sometimes a change of environment is all you need to be able to focus and get some things done.

If most of your work is online, it might even be possible for you to go away for a few days. You could stay with your family or treat yourself to a few days by the beach without having to take too much downtime as you work while you are away.

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get active

Exercise is another significant confidence boost that also boosts your adrenaline and serotonin levels which improves your mood.

Try to hit the gym, or at least go for a long walk before or after work. If working out solo has never been your thing, try taking a class. Commit to showing up, meeting new people, and working through your emotions by getting physically and mentally stronger.