Congratulations! You’ve decided that you’re ready to take the leap into entrepreneurship. Becoming an entrepreneur isn’t easy and you want to be taken seriously right from the start. We’re not talking about silly tactics like faking a deep voice like Elizabeth Holmes and many other women do. We’re going to share a few tried and true steps to help you put your best foot forward.

professional photos

Professional photos will do much more for your image and personal brand than a nice selfie will. As a new entrepreneur, having a professional headshot will help you look official. It also shows that you’re invested in your professional image. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t integrate lifestyle and on-the-go photos but a professional image for marketing, promo, and pitches is essential to being taken seriously.

dress the part

Dressing like a true entrepreneur is crucial to being taken seriously. Don’t confuse this with dressing to impress – they are two different things. You don’t have to wear a full face of makeup, high heels, and a fancy outfit every single day. However, you should choose clothing items that make you feel confident and compliment the type of business you’re running.

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own your worth

It’s common for female entrepreneurs to apologize for saying what they really mean. Especially if they’ve worked in corporate America for any length of time. They often worry about offending someone or coming across as rude or aggressive. Well, it’s time to stop apologizing! Providing you’re not actually being rude, there’s no need to apologize for saying what you mean. Stop using emojis and ‘lols’ to soften what you mean, too. If you want to be taken seriously as an entrepreneur, you need to take yourself and what you have to say seriously.

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use your time effectively

When you’re just getting started, on this entrepreneur journey, you may find that you’re all over the place, doing everything. But in order to achieve success, you’ll need to quickly get good at managing your time. Make a schedule and prioritize the tasks that need to get done at the start of the day. Then, add in tasks that can be taken care of throughout the day. For example, if you need to prep ingredients for your bakery, that should be your top priority in the morning. Using your time well may also mean outsourcing certain tasks to companies like Arnet or hiring a virtual assistant to help with administrative tasks.

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stay positive

When you’re full of self doubt and negative thoughts, it shows! And the last thing you want as an entrepreneur is to not appear to know what you’re doing. Work to maintain a positive outlook, no matter what things look like. Speak affirmations over your life and your business every day and find ways to express gratitude. It’s also important that you surround yourself with other women that are striving to accomplish great things. You’ll need each other’s support and feedback.

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own your accomplishments

You don’t have to brag about your accomplishments, but don’t be modest or play them down. It’s not your problem if people feel threatened by what you have achieved or what you’re working towards. Don’t allow the insecurities of others to affect how you share your ‘wins’ with the world.