When you want to be a writer, it can start as just an idea or it can be an overwhelming dream or desire. If writing is a passion of yours and you’ve been trying to figure out where to start, this post is for you.

It’s easy to shy away from asking for help – because you think that you should have it all figured out already. But when you have no idea where to begin, you’re going to want a few ideas on how to get started. Here are 4 quick tips to jumpstart your writing career.

Start Writing

To begin with, you just need to start. So just start. Although the idea of this can seem really overwhelming, the premise is to just begin writing. Write anything – a short story, an article – anything. Daily practice will help you get into the flow of writing and making it a habit. 

If you find that you’re still stuck or in limbo about what to do next, consider taking an in-person workshop or one of many online writing courses.

Market Yourself

Think about who you are as a writer – and how you want to present yourself to the world. Branding yourself will help you do that. Choose a logo that represents your style. Then, secure your social media handles on all platforms, even the ones you don’t plan to use just yet.

In order to be successful, and gain the attention you desire, you’re going to have to put yourself out there. 

Next, set up a website. Whether you’re an author, journalist, blogger, technical writer, or all of the above, a website is crucial. Use it to host your online portfolio, showcase your talent, and as a way for clients to contact you directly. Be sure to watch a few videos on SEO or activate the Amazon skill, SEO Agency. You’ll want to know SEO to drive organic traffic to your website.

tip: if you’re not ready to set up a full website, consider starting a blog? Use your blog posts to chronicle your writing journey and to showcase your published pieces. 

Consider Representation

If you’re looking to sell a book, you may want to consider getting an agent. As you start looking, keep one thing in mind – it’s extremely important for you to find the right fit. In your search to find a literary agent, you need someone that will represent your best interests and that has extensive connections and knowledge of your genre. 

Keep Writing

Finally, make sure that you never stop working on your craft. Because even when you’ve ‘sold’ a book or have articles published in great places, don’t assume that’s your pinnacle. Remember, a great writer is always learning, growing, adapting.