You’ve been tasked with planning an event and it’s not the office meetings or family gatherings you’re used to. So what do you do? First, you stay calm… then, you follow these simple steps.

This is your big moment and you want to get it right, but there is a lot to consider. So whether you’ll be working with high profile prospective clients or expanding the footprint of an event that you’ve planned in the past, these 3 tips will help you get through it!

be creative

Having a few directional signs and a sign in table, probably won’t cut it this time around. Be ready to plan for every possible branding opportunity. From custom Step and Repeat backdrops, branded name tags, SnapChat & Instagram geo filters, brand colored balloon bouquets, and promo items use your budget wisely. The goal isn’t to just put on a good event… you want it to be memorable.

be innovative

Event planning is a creative process that takes a lot of organization.

Don’t be afraid to bring your imaginative A-Game.

Put your own spin on the details. Being innovative is what will set your event apart. Even if your general outline is tried and true… infuse new ideas to breathe new life into the moment. 

be professional

Be honest. Do you know how you’d react if Beyonce tapped you on the shoulder and asked you where the bathroom was? Or if Ciara asked what time she’s presenting? Okay, okay so your list of attendees may not be same as the Grammy’s but you get the point. It could just be a local politician or social media influencer… that part doesn’t matter, your level of professionalism does. Although most mid-to-high profile speakers and personalities are utterly lovely about it, you don’t want you or your team to exude groupie or unscrupulous behavior. Be sure that everyone understands your expectation of professionalism. Then, lead by example. It will do wonders for your career.