Running a business can be complicated. Even the most successful and experienced business owners need to ask for advice every now and again. And honestly, it’s okay to accept that you don’t know everything.  But it’s equally as important to know when it’s time to seek out a little assistance.

Here are four times when you’re most likely to need advice.

making tough financial decisions

If you’re thinking of taking out a business loan or trying to cut expenses, it can be useful to talk to a financial advisor. Such professionals can help you explore your options and may even be able to manage your money for you such as executing trades or handling investments. It could be worth looking for a financial advisor who specializes in your industry – for instance, there are retail financial advisors and medical financial advisors.

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understanding your legal rights

When it comes to understanding business laws and defending yourself from lawsuits, it’s worth it to have an attorney on retainer. Or, if that doesn’t work with the budget just yet, start to build relationships with local attorneys that have experience representing others in your industry. 

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upgrading your resources

When you’re just getting started having an IT support firm or HR consultants on speed-dial may not seem very important. But as you scale your business to more than just a few product or service offerings, you’ll need a few experts on your resource list. This will help you be ready when or if issues with your software or team arise. 

refine your marketing

Rather than hiring a company to execute your marketing for you, consider hiring a consultant instead. Have them train with you or a team member. This will help you save money by keeping the marketing responsibilities in-house. Not sure how a marketing consultant can help you with marketing? These professionals are able to guide you through the process of setting up and automating your social media marketing, organizing marketing events and even building your own website. As marketing strategies can vary from trade to trade, it’s important to do your research. Find someone with documented results!