For a long time, we’ve seen the media focus primarily on the gender pay gap. But there are emerging trends that appear to favor women in the workplace… if we take advantage of them. Here are 2 ways to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your employment.

the new workplace

Business owners looking to hire quality employees are having to adjust their training and office practices for more efficiency. From replacing long obnoxious training protocols with short, instructional hands-on learning experiences; employers are having to rethink their leadership and management models.

They are also having to adjust the salary and benefits packages offered to their team members. As more and more employees are seeking greater flexibility, condensed work weeks, remote working and more on-site amenities, you don’t want to limit yourself to what was the ‘old’ normal.

Here are two ways you can get the most from your job offer negotiations.

make work-life balance a priority

With unemployment rates being low, companies are seeking ways to keep their employees satisfied. The goal is to make sure they’re happy enough to not leave and take their skills elsewhere. This gives women seeking better work-life balance an advantage when negotiating salary and benefits.

Women are now demanding more time to spend on self-care, with friends and family, and for travel and entertainment. And since as women, we’re more likely to take on the care of elderly or disabled relatives, or want to work from home once we’ve started a family, it’s important that we seek employment with companies that allow for flexibility. Look for companies that offer the option to telecommute or that have a liberal time off policy.

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remote working is becoming mainstream

Did you know that according to a report by the Silicon Republic, that by 2025 remote working will rival traditional workplaces? Remote working options continue to rise and gain in popularity. Noticed the many co-working spaces popping up in your city? These options allow employees to work outside of the office.

Women are able to use this newfound freedom to have better control and balance in their lives. Not only does this new way of working help women feel a renewed passion for their jobs, but it also provides employers with benefits, too. One study found that employees that worked remotely tend to work longer hours — resulting in greater productivity. Employers will also save on expenses like office space, supplies, furniture, and even insurance coverage. Learn more here about this.