Anyone who’s in a happy relationship agrees that love is a rollercoaster of emotions. If you want to truly experience love, more often than not, you’ll need to understand what it feels to have your heart broken in a million pieces.

Finding happiness and comfort with someone you cherish doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a journey. One you take for yourself first, but also with them. Consequently, there will be relationships that don’t work out on the way. You will experience breakups and pain. But don’t give up just now.

Every lesson you learn about love and yourself makes you stronger and prepares you to meet the right person.

But it doesn’t change the fact that going through a breakup is a traumatic and painful moment. While there are breakups that are easy to understand – when they involve unfaithfulness or toxic behaviors –, most people struggle to come to terms with a relationship that didn’t carry any of the markers for a poor choice. What went wrong when everything seemed right?

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rose-colored glasses

With romantic movies claiming that your Prince Charming is just out there and ready to go over the top to keep you satisfied, it’s no wonder most women find themselves dreaming of such a partner. In real life, while there are plenty of thoughtful and caring individuals, it’s essential to keep your eyes open to make sure that your darling is, indeed, one of them.

Don’t let the dream of a perfect match hide the reality of your relationship.

Unfortunately, sometimes, the relationship is doomed to fail because you spend too much time trying to make Prince Charming appear in every gesture and word of your partner. You need to remove the rose-colored glasses to evaluate objectively whether you both want the same thing.

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timing is everything

Love is a journey, during which you will find obstacles. Your personal route is about growing emotionally and spiritually until you cross path with someone who is at the same point on their own journey. It might not happen today or tomorrow, but a love reading can give you precious insights into your path towards a better relationship. Indeed, a relationship reading can help you not only to soothe your heartbreak but, more importantly, to understand what there is to come for you and when the right time is approaching.

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take time to heal

We are all wounded creatures. Life is not all smooth and easy. As a result, we all carry old pains that have not fully healed and continue to dictate some of our actions. For instance, someone who’s felt lonely in a previous relationship might exhibit needy tendencies when they feel out of control.

Unfortunately, neediness can lead to panic attacks, unhealthy dependency, and emotional clinginess; in short, it destroys future relationships.

But don’t blame yourself.

Instead, take the time to heal and adjust your behavior through emotional mindfulness and stress management. Similarly, fear of commitment can also be the result of previous disappointments; it’s a way to avoid pain and, over time, you can get rid of your emotional barriers.

There is no perfect relationship unless both you and your partner are clear about your desires and experiences. It takes time to know what you want and heal yourself from the wounds of the past. In short, to work, your relationship has to come when everything else is aligned in your life.