Criticism can be difficult to digest, especially if it’s not delivered effectively. But receiving feedback on our performance is a good thing.  And when you’re a business owner, being open to employee feedback is even more important.

Being open to the opinion and perspective of others can be essential to your success. So leave your feelings at the door and start digging into the real morale of your organization.

root out employee dissatisfaction

Getting to the root of employee dissatisfaction is the only way to correct or fix the problem. Creating an environment that fosters good communication, starts with you. Make sure that you have an open door policy and that you develop multiple ways for your employees to submit feedback to you. There’s also software like ELMO survey software that encourages and anonymous feedback.  

maintain the right perspective

As a business leader, we can sometimes find ourselves separate from the actual day to day work. By getting a true perspective of the working environment, we are able to establish a realistic perspective of what’s happening behind the scenes. It’s easy to think that everything is going well when the numbers are good… but you want to KNOW what’s really happening.

understand compliance

Rules and regulations govern business. As your business grows, you won’t be able to keep your hand in everything and make sure that all processes and procedures are being followed. Feedback will provide the needed insight into how your employees are being compliant. It is also essential in ensuring that your team is being trained on compliance rules properly.

improve productivity

Productivity isn’t just achieving goals and meeting targets, it’s about ensuring that everyone gives their very best, efficiently. Poor morale can hinder productivity. But if you’ve created an employee friendly atmosphere, you’ll know when things are going awry.

Start by integrating productivity tools to help you measure productivity and capacity. Set manageable goals for your team and put leaders in place that emphasis the teams role in the overall success of the business.