Thanks to inspirations like Sheryl Sandburg, more and more women are starting to understand their potential for success. But, the battle is far from won. Women still face obstacles in the workplace. For far too many, even getting into positions of power is a struggle. And, the ride is far from smooth for those who make it. If the #metoo campaign has taught us anything, it’s that some men are still treating women how they want.

It’s not unusual for the men in the office to get a good laugh at female colleagues or to openly express their chauvinistic opinions. But these behaviors can be detrimental to female morale. They can affect your confidence and demean the work you do. 

There are things we can do to start shifting the conversation. 

showcase your qualifications

Men often think that they are more qualified than their female colleagues… but often this is not the truth. Whether you received an online mba business intelligence or a bachelors degree from your local college, your qualifications matter. Be proud of what you’ve learned and accomplished and don’t be afraid to remind the men in your office that you’re just as qualified as they are.

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operate in excellence

  • Always put your best foot forward at work.
  • Never compromise the quality of your work because the men in your office do less.
  • Be proactive – volunteer for additional training, conference, or work committees. 

The more you have under your belt, the harder it’ll be for others to act superior to your ever-growing skills. And you’ll position yourself for others to see you up for promotion

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be confident

No matter how fantastic your ideas, doubt has the ability to creep in when you face a room of people who are waiting for you to fail. Even if you’re feeling a little nervous, no-one else in the room should ever know. Spend time perfecting your pitches.  Get comfortable with what you’re going to say. Know the ends and out of the information that you’re presenting. If you know what to say and how to say it, your confidence will shine through.