Whether you’re selling a product or service, it’s always good to improve your sales pitch. As your business grows, hopefully so does your client list and that can only happen if you’re actively reaching out to new individuals. So here are a few ways to improve your pitch!

keep it short and sweet

When reaching out to a new client, whether that’s on the phone, over email or in person, keep it short and sweet. Hopefully, you’ll have an online website that’ll explain what you do so that client can look at it themselves or they’ll ask you for more information when they respond. Keep it brief, especially when they don’t know you as they are sometimes likely just to delete an unfamiliar email.

Start off with a brief introduction of your company, what you want to offer and then thank them for your time. Try and tailor the email to each individual rather than using the same template every time, as it’s likely to feel a little too sales-like to the person receiving it.

networking tips to help you create meaningful business relationships

attend events and conferences

Networking events and conference are great for meeting new people and striking up a conversation. There are plenty of women in business events that you can find in and around your local area. These are a great way to learn something new, meet others, and craft out your networking and pitching skills. Don’t be afraid to approach a stranger at the event and start up a conversation. They could be extremely beneficial to your company not only as a client but maybe for a partnership opportunity.

Try to attend as many events as you can to keep up to date with what’s going on in your industry and to create relationships with others in the industry too.

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sell your value

Don’t scare away new clients with the price of your product or service. Talk about the value what you have to offer brings and how it’s going to benefit them specifically. Value will almost always beat the price if it’s worth the investment. So cater your pitch to exclude the price. Prove your worth and then talk numbers. The goal is to sell them on why they need it before telling them how much it will cost them.

be bold

Running a business comes with risk. When it comes to approaching new customers, you always have a blank canvas. There are no preconceptions. Remember, they have no idea what you do. So you have the opportunity to pitch to them however you’d like.

Don’t be afraid to sometimes go bold with your pitch. Because if you don’t ask, you’ll never receive! You can always try using AI software to upgrade your pitches. Yes, that’s a thing now! Sign up for free today to see if AI software is right for your business.