Women succeed when they are supported. The problem is that most women in business don’t receive the support needed to fully realize the potential of their idea. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

Here are 4 thoughtful ways you can contribute to the success of women in business

seek out women-owned businesses

Before you go on that next shopping trip, do a little research. Intentionally look for businesses owned by women.

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fund their efforts

With small business loans being more difficult for women to obtain than men, many women have turned to crowdfunding and private funding to jumpstart or scale their business ideas. Crowdfunding allows you to support a project or business with small donations. So, the next time you have a little extra cash browse through ifundwomen.com. Look for a woman-driven project to support.

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teach others new skills

Women don’t always have a product to sell. It’s often skills or services that are the foundation of a new business. However, with limited access to education in remote areas, many women are self-taught in their craft. If you have a skill or have mastered knowledge in a certain area, consider volunteering or teaching a free or low-cost course. Something as simple as showing others how to set up a business budget could be just the thing takes a business to the next level.

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share on social media

Women are at the helm of many outstanding podcasts, creative blogs, and educational YouTube channels. Sometimes you don’t need to spend money to make an impact. Don’t just consume their content. If you’ve come across a profile, website, or post that catches your attention, and you want to support the woman behind it, your support can be as simple as like, comment, share.  Even if you’re not spending money, you’re helping her have more exposure… and for women In business, every little bit counts.