It’s 2019, are you thinking about owning your own business? Are you looking to take control of your earning potential or your schedule? Are you tired of working for other people? If this sounds like you and you’re considering launching a new venture, we’ve compiled 3 key tips for aspiring female bosses.

find your niche

The first thing you’ll want to do is get clear on what you plan to offer, provide, or sell. There are endless business ideas, and it’s not always easy to narrow down the options and find your niche. If you’re looking for inspiration, consider your strengths, embrace your interests and passions, and explore your skills.

Businesses serve many different purposes. Some provide solutions for everyday problems. Others serve to make life easier and less stressful.  And some appeal to our wants and desires, rather than our needs. It’s important that you know exactly what you want your business to do.

  • Once you have an idea, turn your attention to researching the market and seeing if your plans are viable.
  • Is there a demand for the kinds of products or services you’re offering?
  • Are you likely to make money?
  • Have you come up with something original, or are you working on something that is already out there?

You’ll also want to know who else is achieving success doing something similar. Check out the competition and find out what their differentiator is.  Doing your research can save you time, effort, and money on the front end. If you find that you’re trying to swim in a pond that is already overflowing, you may want to reconsider your original idea.

know your customer

Once you know what you want to sell, you’ll need to understand who you’re selling too, and how you’re going to connect with your audience. Who is your ideal customer and how you are going to reach out to them? If you already have a demographic in mind, research marketing methods that are appealing to that age group. If you’re selling products geared towards women aged between 18 and 35, look into techniques and platforms that are popular with this consumer group.

  • Gather as much information about the market as possible.
  • Look at figures related to social media usage and buying trends.
  • Talk to potential customers who are likely to have an interest in your business.
  • Ask leading questions, to gain information about how people shop, how much they spend, how they like to be contacted, and which promotions are most appealing to them.

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create a marketing strategy

Use your market research to shape your marketing strategy. For example, if you’re selling clothes to millennial women through an online store, promote your business using platforms like Instagram and techniques like search engine optimization.

Once you’ve launched your first marketing campaign be sure to closely monitor your performance using analytics and inviting customers to provide honest feedback. A growing number of consumers looks for referrals and reviews, so focus on making your customers happy. Respond positively to negative reviews, make changes and improvements, and never underestimate the importance and value of loyalty.

Make an effort to attract new customers, but don’t forget about those who shop with you on a regular basis. If you have satisfied customers, entice them to stay with you, and to share their experience with their friends and family.