You’ve been considering starting your own business and the possibility of working for yourself. You probably already know how big of a decision this is and if you want to achieve success, you’ll definitely need to be prepared.

Preparation is more than having all the supplies, systems, and product in place… it’s also the process of being mentally ready to be your own boss. We’ve compiled a few of the main challenges women face when starting a home-based business.

time management

When you work for yourself, it means being in complete control of your own schedule. If you’ve never had that kind of work independence before, it can take a little getting used to a lot of strategic time management. Be ready to explore your options to find the right workflow for you. This could me time-blocking or disabling apps and social media so that you can get work done. Also, be sure to eliminate distractions by creating a separate and dedicated workspace just for you.

separate work and family life

If you are a mother as well as a businesswoman, it will be hard for your family to understand that you’re not available, even though you are at home. It is important to have a home office with a door that is solely your workplace.

Don’t be surprised that your presence is taken for granted. Everyone will assume that since you’re at home you’re also available to arrange and manage the household, take care of your ac repair or take the dog to the vet. Make sure that everyone understands that although you’re in the house… you are working!


Working from home can get lonely. Create a network of supportive and like-minded people, who will understand your new lifestyle and help to hold you accountable. Start networking by attending events or meetups that interest and make it a point to build meaningful relationships with those you connect with.

get help

There are several support groups and organizations that offer free advice for startups. Look for groups that have a focus on your industry or business type. Take advantage of the free resources that they provide and connect with members that have already achieved success in your field.

As a startup small business owner, you are going to face several challenges. It is up to you to be prepared for them and make the most out of your opportunities and the help available. After all, you are in charge of your future from now on.