If you have a product but you’re not currently selling online, you could be missing out on additional revenue. However, in order to sell online successfully and protect your customers’ data you’ll need to choose the best e-commerce solution for your business.

With so many options to select from, you may not know which is the best fit. But, with the right information you’ll be equipped to make a well-informed choice. We’ve complied a few tips to help you navigate the process..

·    What are you selling? –

What you are selling helps determine the best platform to use. Some platforms are able to handle both physical and digital products while others are not. If you’re selling digital products only, the platform you choose needs to be able to provide customers with immediate access to the purchased download. If you sell a physical product, you’ll also want to be sure that the platform you choose has the ability to handle shipping and tracking information automatically. 

·    What strategy do you use to sell?

There are many online selling strategies, including 1P vs 3P. This plays a role in what e-commerce solution will work best for you. Look for a program that allows customization, so that things flow exactly as you intended.

·    Payment gateways

It’s crucial to offer your customers a selection of payment options. If you don’t, you may alienate a portion of your potential customers and miss out on sales. For example, most people like the option of paying via PayPal but some do not; give your customers options so that they feel comfortable doing business with you.

·    Integration

Can you easily integrate the solution with software you currently use at your business? For example, you may have tools that you prefer for email marketing and accounting. If the e-commerce solution offers easy integration this will make the whole process much easier and more effective.

·    Features

Be sure to research the range of solutions that are included with or can be added to the e-commerce software you’re considering. Be sure that it has the features you need now, and features you’ll require as you begin to scale your business.