Getting recognized in the workplace doesn’t have to be an art form. It’s important that you know your worth and aren’t afraid to get out in front of your contribution. For many women, this can be intimidating. 

We often shy away from the spotlight and hope that our work will speak for itself. Here are 3 of our favorite tips to get you more career recognition.

Don’t be shy

When your boss asks who came up with the great idea, claim your credit or someone else will. Many times we shy away from the spotlight. We think that managers will intuitively know that we’re doing a good a job, but this isn’t always true. Be proud of the job that you do, and don’t be afraid to take credit for your results!

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Proof is always in the result

Even if management understands what you contribute to the team, they may not fully grasp the value you add. Why? Because they may be so caught up in their personal disdain that they aren’t paying attention to the end result that you make happen. Make sure that you quantify the results and boost your credibility by pointing out why your part was essential the overall success of the project, launch, or office.

For example, if you see that your team is overwhelmed with IT tasks that they aren’t qualified to manage, consider recommending that these services be outsourced to managed IT services. Then, when the team is more productive and efficient which in turns saves the business money, remind your boss of your initial observance and suggestion.

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If things are hard… connect with others

Navigating a difficult work environment is much easier when you have great connections. Make sure that those that know you best know your work ethic and the results that you’re able to produce. Sometimes just being able to leverage relationships can help you overcome a tough workplace.