You should never tolerate feeling harassed, abused or mistreated at work. More importantly, never allow yourself to accept that being treated poorly in the workplace is ok. It’s not. Unfortunately, some office environments can be quite toxic. And while others may accept bad behavior in the workplace, you should not.

If you’ve experienced this type of situation at work, it’s likely because you’re putting your livelihood before your personal best interest. Here are a few tips to help you gain confidence and overcome your situation.

connect with others in the workplace

Speaking to trusted colleagues about the issues might help you find support from those around you. If you are reprimanded, that signifies it might be time to leave, because staying in an environment like that can be very hard on your mental health. However, if there are troublemakers in the office, it’s important to know that other people will usually have noticed. It might be that someone has been experiencing the exact same problem but hasn’t had the confidence to voice it.

Together, you’ll be more powerful than you would have on your own. There is confidence in numbers. This can potentially help you bring up the problem to your managers, or even work on more legally important means of stopping the situation from getting worse. At the very least, feeling understood can motivate you to get the most out this experience, which sometimes can be the best thing to hope for.

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be confident

It’s important to speak firmly about what you have to say. It might seem that we’ve only offered cloak-and-dagger like solutions thus far, but it’s essential to know that sometimes, a direct conversation is the best method forward. It’s likely your bosses aren’t evil, but maybe sidetracked and having trouble prioritizing what they should. Sometimes firmly talking to someone that you’re not interested and if the behavior continues you will report them can stop it. One of the first questions you will be asked when declaring an issue is ‘did you speak to the person involved firmly?’

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be prepared

Collecting evidence of the issue can be the best first step to try and accomplish. It can give you the means of potentially proving exactly your claims later on. This might come in the form of emails. If possible, request security footage to prove your claims. Be sure to take note of the date and time in which the incident happened. Or, maybe attempt to record incidents when they happen, with your cell phone. Collecting evidence might mean bringing together other people who have felt the same way that you do. You’ll also want to be prepared if you decide to pursue legal action with a law firm like the Derrick Law Firm.

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stay in contact with former employees

It might be that ex-employees have left due to this. If you are able to, it might be worth trying to connect with them. But don’t feel rejected if they aren’t happy talking about their time there. Sometimes people have left for a reason that they to put it behind them. Respect this and accept that it may take several ‘no’s’ to find someone willing to confirm your claims.

how to handle being mistreated at work - Tiffany Nicole Forever Blog

consider legal assistance

Ensure the legal help you find is professional, is willing to guide you and hear what you have to say. Also, accept how they decide to progress with the case. Sometimes, there may be a very possible case there, sometimes it might be too weak for them to take on. In any case, the pursuit is worth taking to seek the compensation and justice you deserve.