If you’re one of many single moms, then you already know how difficult it can be to juggle… everything! When you’re the primary provider of emotional, financial and physical care, things can become very overwhelming.

Here are a few ways to cope

Get control of your finances

Managing your finances is tough for a two-parent household.  And when you’re trying to stretch one income over a family of expenses, things can get tricky – and stressful. You need to know where every dollar is going and this means that you’ll need to have all of your money planned out.

Take the time to sit down and review all of your necessity expenses (rent, food, gas, insurance, and utilities). Then, make a second list of optional expenses (cable, Apple music subscription, savings, travel …etc). Once you have everything written out, deduct your total monthly expenses from your income. If you’re in the negative, refer back to your optional expenses and see if there are areas where you can cut back. If you’re in the positive, good job Ma!

Money savings tips:

  • Start clipping coupons. A few minutes a day can add up to a substantial savings
  • Doing family time in the day time. The lunch menu and matinee movies are always less expensive.
  • Shop at boutique grocers. Did you know that stores like Lidl and Aldi have discount grocery prices on quality foods?

Have your own hobbies

Whether you’ve been looking for ways to distress, have a personal life, or both; it’s important that you have your own hobbies. Join a meetup, start a blog, or sign up for a class. You need that time away from being the mom-in-charge to recharge and refresh yourself. Plus a little adult conversation/interaction is always a good thing.

Take care of the house

Taking care of your home can add up. From chores to lawn maintenance and everything in between; when it’s just you, things can get overwhelming fast. Try these tips to keep it all under control.

  • Schedule specific days for household chores.
  • Purge regularly to avoid holding on to clutter.
  • Create a go-to list for repair techs and companies that may need to contact. For example, you don’t want to have to search for ABC Pest Control, if you find a mouse in the house.

Have a social life

I meet single moms all the time that have, for one reason or another, put off dating. And my question is always the same “what makes you think you can’t date?” It’s easy to box yourself in and put your social life on the backburner. But now is when you need a break the most.

Give yourself permission to enjoy yourself and have a little fun. Every encounter doesn’t have to become a relationship for you to start living again. Allow yourself to enjoy the moment and to be spoiled a little bit!