Samsung, Gucci, and Calvin Klein: They’re all brands with household name recognition. When you hear one of these companies names, you probably instantly get an idea or mental picture of what it represents. Right? It’s because they have created a strong brand presence… and you can do the same.

It may seem a little strange to think of yourself in a similar league with big brands. You’re a person, not a product. Even so, as an influencer, entrepreneur, or businesswoman, you still have a brand to establish and uphold. It’s how you will stand out in a saturated market and stay relevant to your potential customers.

Here are a few steps to help you set the foundation for a strong personal brand.

Your brand no matter how well designed or articulated means nothing if you don’t market it. It’s not a “build it and they will come” situation. If you’re ready to establish a well-known identity, you also need to be ready to do the work to promote it.

Many new entrepreneurs make this mistake. They invest in great graphics and marketing pieces, curate the perfectly worded mission statement and elevator pitch, and have professional photographs taken and think that their work is done… it’s not! 

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You don’t just want a good looking brand. You’re going to want to create social proof by featuring testimonials from customers, reviews of your services and content that showcases your expertise. Just be sure that you’re actually living up to what people think about you because people will tell more people they know about a bad experience than a good one… and bad reviews can tank your brand reputation.

A few extra steps to fortifying your brand message:  

  • Set up a personal website, blog or portfolio to showcases your accomplishments and your work.
  • Have a logo created – Be sure it’s simple and memorable like most famous brand logos anything too busy and you risk confusing potential customers.
  • Audit your social profiles to ensure you’re upholding your brand consistently.
  • Create business cards.
  • Get professional headshots and lifestyle photos.
  • Have promotional items made (mugs, t-shirts, pillows, etc.) with a company like or
  • Keep your online content focused on the industry or niche you are focusing on. You want to be seen as the expert or specialist… not just another person with many interests.
  • Set a quality or service standard. Take the best photos, write killer content, learn the best ways to market your products.

tips for building a personal brand

Whether you are an influencer that plans to promote brands or a business owner selling a product always remember the rule of thumb: Under-promising is actually a much better approach – because when you under-promise and over deliver you always leave a good impression.