I’m what my grandmother might refer to as a busybody. AKA the type of woman that is always busy. I don’t like to sit still and I while others have FOMO I fear not being able to get things done. I’m not just referring to work-related to-do items… this includes everything. I wasn’t practing mindfulness and no matter how busy I was, I wasn’t progressing like I should have been.

But there’s a problem with the endless to-do list… it never ends! It’s also unrealistic and adds unnecessary stress and anxiety to my life. It’s like being in your own little world of constant thought, and when you’re always thinking, you inevitably remember or come up with new things to do.

the epiphany

This year I took a break from a few things, social media included. I needed to start eliminating distractions and start getting more focused on who I am becoming. I also had suppressed some pretty powerful emotions that were starting to find their way to the surface.

It happened after going through an entire month of being ‘busy’ but not being able to pinpoint one thing that I felt accomplished about. I had gone through the motions. I showed up to every appointment, posted on social media, paid my bills on time and constantly crossed items off or my to-do list, but at that moment it felt like I had done nothing.

Many women walk in a sense of purpose and are fulfilled in their lives. They know who they are. During this period of life, I wasn’t one of them.

At this time in my life, I was stressed at work, battling anxiety of the unknown, unhappy with the direction my life was taking and constantly exhausted. It was debilitating. I was distracted, disengaged, and moving through my life on autopilot.

checked out

You might be thinking, “Tiffany, this happens to me all the time. I just get busy and disconnected.” Trust me, I’ve told myself the same a thousand times, but this was different. I had checked out.

Our minds are our greatest asset. As women we are also very versatile and creative thinking is one of our superpowers. It’s one of the reasons we’re often great problem solvers. But when we’re stressed, anxious, and not present in the moment, it can hinder our ability to focus, experience happiness, listen effectively, practice compassion, and have a clear perspective. 

I’ve learned that much like changing our eating and exercise habits to improve our health, we also have to train ourselves to be more mindful. It takes consistent effort and commitment. When we become consciously aware of our bodies and minds, it enables us to better manage and navigate our emotions. Which in turn allows us to function optimally and feel like the women we want to be.

how to start living a life of intention and purpose

Imagine being in control during those times when you feel stressed, anxious, angry, or overwhelmed. With practice, it’s possible. Here’s how.

you are here

Whenever I feel like the day is getting away from me and I want to act with more consciousness, I stop and ask myself “Where are you right now?“.  It helps me to regain perspective and serves as a reminder to enjoy what I’m doing in that very moment.  It helps me stay connected to the action I’m taking and gives me the freedom to enjoy even the most simple tasks.


When you feel stress building, whether it’s because you overextended yourself by enrolling in one of those online DNP programs or you’re getting ready for a first date, stop. Take a few deep breaths. Focus on the act of inhaling and exhaling. Close your eyes and center yourself in that moment.

The 21 Collection - The ultimate affirmation card collection

affirm yourself

I can am capable.

I’m strong and focused.

I operate with confidence and a level-head.

There is nothing that I can’t accomplish.

Affirming the woman that you are becoming through words of affirmation is a powerful practice. You may not believe the words that you are saying in the beginning. You may still be a little unsure of yourself and that’s okay. The more you speak power, happiness, confidence, success, and well-being into existence, the more you will accept those words as truth for yourself. And when you believe in yourself, your true self-begins to break through. Start reciting these simple affirmations every morning before you start your day.

simple daily affirmations to help set the tone for your day - Tiffany Nicole Forever Blog

As I’ve begun to incorporate these three actions into my day, I find I move through life with more grace and a positive perspective.  I have the ability to manage my emotions better. I’m no longer mindlessly busy. I have more confidence, better relationships and I’ve given myself permission to enjoy every moment!