There are moments in our lives that aren’t easy to comprehend. Like when relationships we thought we couldn’t live without suddenly become an afterthought. While a lifelong friendship can end abruptly, some just lose their steam – even when it’s not intended. But that doesn’t have to always be the case.

Here are a few tips to help you get your relationship back on track!

talk about it

Approaching the issue, especially with a close friend, can be difficult. Or is it? It’s easy to overthink the situation. Don’t! Asking your loved one if everything is okay could be the first step to resolution. Be honest about how you’ve been feeling and why you think it’s time for a talk. Now is not the time to hold back or mince words… especially if you want to save your relationship.

tip: on there are tips on how to get the conversation going.

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what’s really going on

If there are problems that can’t be explained, like erratic behavior or irrational responses, there might be something more going on. Mental health issues like anxiety or depression can cause our loved ones to act out. Sometimes this is a cry for help and others it can mean that things are out of control.

tip: traumatic brain injuries can present a whole slew of unexplained interactions. Know the symptoms… do your research on a site like this one: 

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everything has a season

We grow onwards and upwards in life, and this means that we can grow apart also. Although you might not agree, consider that your loved one may feel as if you two have grown apart. Or maybe it’s you that feel this way. Before you reach out to reconnect, consider if that’s the right move… or if things are better left as they are.

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