We love a well curated home! The potential of a space, choosing paint colors, the thrill of finding the perfect accessories — just thinking about designing a room, or home, gets us excited. But apart from the dreamy excitement, designing your own space can be an overwhelming process. Infusing your personal style and personality into your home decor can be a bit stressful.

From budget restrictions and endless decisions that need to be made, what started out as fun and easy can quickly turn into cumbersome and confusing. And truth be told, Pinterest inspiration can only do so much when you’re trying to stay budget conscious and make the most of your home.

That’s where we come in. We’ve curated a few tips to help you create that perfect space that is beautifully designed and still reflects your personal style and personality.

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choose the right furniture and accessories

The best piece of decor advice you’ll ever get is to: Take your time! Trust us. It will be worth the wait and the price. A well crafted furniture collection is essential to having a custom space. Don’t just fill a room with designer furniture showroom sets just to have something there!

Bring furniture into your home that you love!

Curate home accessories during your travels, or at yard sales and flea markets. Collect books about your interests. Don’t be afraid to layer in interest through different textures, and only purchase items you truly love.

be organized

Clear out the clutter. There’s nothing better than getting rid of things you don’t use or that no longer fit your personal style. If you don’t love it, donate it or sell it. Get a fresh start with a clean space. The process will open up new possibilities for design layouts and give you peace of mind.

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add life

Add a little life to your space by adding live plants and greenery! Plants add warmth, color, and dimension to a space. They also profice an organic, fresh element to a room. Consider small potted fresh herbs in the kitchen, a large peace lily in the living room, or maybe a few (easy to care for) succulents on a coffee table.

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don’t forget the art

Art adds sophistication and interest to any space. Look for pieces that move you… the ones that make you think. Then, hang them at eye level — don’t be that person with the art hung way too high. A good art collection is an expression of the homeowner’s personality. It invokes intimacy and has the ability to define a space.

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good lighting is essential

Lighting can make a dramatic change to any area.  Choose chandeliers and lamps that grab your attention but don’t overwhelm the space. Choose furniture that is clean and minimal with timeless design. Then, add lighting to add personality and impact to a room. Some light fixtures can stand alone as art and create just the right mood, some will simply illuminate and brighten the space, and others will act as design accessories.

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be true to yourself

There are no hard and fast rules or standards when it comes to design. Trendy looks change by the day. And while there are guidelines to good design, always remember that rules are meant to be broken. This is your home… sure it should be well designed but it should also be a place of comfort and fun! It’s where you make your memories – make sure your design elements reflect that feeling of warmth and most importantly that it makes a statement about you!