If you’ve decided that the crazy world of trade shows is one of the ways that you want to market your business this year, you’re going to want to get it right! When it comes to creating a great trade show booth there are a lot of design tips out there… here are our top 3.

stand out

The traditional way to decorate a trade show stall is usually to have a couple of banners a back board and to have a simple table in front of you with leaflets and freebies on it. However if you want to make a big impression and stand out from everyone else, you need to think about going in a new direction. A lot of bathroom and kitchen companies will create their own model rooms, and if you are a garden company you could make a makeshift garden for the stall. It will make you stand out as unique and more people will want to speak to you about your designs.

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set the atmosphere

Like we touched on above, to make yourself stand out you need to be more than just a regular booth and use some trade show booth design ideas to really vamp up the space. If you are at a Halloween event for example you could create your own mini haunted house or even a small maze which has scary creatures waiting to jump out at every corner. Use the space you have to make something great and people will notice the effort you have put into it.

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be bold

It is always fun to play around with colour in any part of your life, but when you reach a trade show hall it becomes even more crucial to stand out from the crowd and do something totally different. If you can choose colours that not many other brands use then you will immediately be the odd one out and this can draw more attention your way. Have fun playing with colour and make sure the combination you pick is amazing.