I recently read that one of my favorite business women had been robbed at gunpoint in her business. It’s one of those things that you don’t hear of often, or you hear on the nightly news and chalk up to it happening to ‘someone else’. But this time the story hit home because this was someone that I admired and it made me think…

Do we really discuss or even consider what to do if a burglary happens at your business? As a businesswoman myself, it was something that I hadn’t even considered. But here we are and we’re giving you a few steps to weather the storm – should this ever happen to you.

alert the authorities

Your first step should always be to inform the police. You don’t want to tamper with any evidence – if you arrive at your place of business to find that it has been broken into it, do not to enter until you’ve had the authorities check it out. You never know if someone is still in there.

If you were present during the burglary, make it a point to remember as many details as possible. When emotions are heightened, it’s easy to forget details that could help to find the offender.

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tell your insurer

If you have business property insurance, the second most important people to contact is your insurer. Did you know that some insurance companies have time limits on how quickly you have to inform them for your claim to be processed? Try to refrain from making any repairs until your claim has been accepted just in case your insurers need photos or want to inspect the damage in person.

let others know

Your employees and customers will need to know of the break-in, especially if their private data or belongings have been stolen in the process. Don’t let the first time the team or your clients hear about it be through the media or by word-of-mouth. Reassure them that you’re actively taking measures to recover and show appreciation for their patience and understanding. Also, make sure to reassure them that you’re putting in measures to prevent future burglary.

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repair the damage

Once you’ve received compensation from your insurance company, start taking steps to repair any damage caused during the break-in. If windows are smashed or doors were damaged, start looking into replacement windows and doors. In the meantime, board everything up and secure the area. 

take care of yourself and your team

Door and window may not be the only that’s affected by a robbery. This type of experience can be traumatic and can leave you and your staff feeling vulnerable and unsafe. Consider speaking with someone about your experience or having them come in to speak with your employees. You’ll likely need emotional and mental support to get back to business as usual.

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invest in preventative measures

Did you know that if you’ve been robbed once, the chance of it happening again is incredibly high? Deter any future break-ins by upgrading your business’s security. Consider installing a burglar alarm or security cameras. Each step you take will show the burglar that your company is no longer an easy target.