The work you’re doing may be rewarding and fulfilling, your co-workers are more like friends, and perhaps the perks that come with the job are amazing. Your boss however… Well, let’s just say that’s a completely different story altogether.

A challenging supervisor has the ability to put a damper on your entire attitude about your career. It can distort your perception of your job, and can quickly turn a job you love into a total nightmare.

From micromanagers to disrespectful tyrants, working beneath a difficult boss can be overwhelming. Let’s take a look at four strategies you can use to cope in the office.

maintain your standards 

A bad boss can be hard to please. But don’t allow a difficult work relationship to impact the quality of work you produce. No one can justifiably be unhappy with you for completing your work to the required standard (or better). The better you are at what you’re being paid to do, the more qualified you’ll be to move up within the company or move on to better opportunities.

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keep your cool

Don’t allow anyone to take you out of character. When your boss is being harsh or unreasonable, keep a level head and avoid losing your cool. Even if how you’re feeling is justified, no good will come out of lashing out or generally losing your cool with your boss. Remember, they’re still your boss. Don’t give them any ammunition to discipline or fire you. Instead, if the work environment is toxic and not good for your personal well-being, start looking into your options. Whether that’s filling a formal complaint or finding a new job, always do what’s best for you.

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don’t hesitate to seek help

If you feel that the treatment you’re receiving from your boss has reached an unacceptable level, it’s time to take action. Start by speaking with someone in the human resources department or team relations.

While your boss may think it’s okay to treat you poorly, there are still laws in place that protect employees from harassment and mistreatment. If you don’t think your concerns are being taken seriously by upper management or your HR department, or that the way you’re being treated breaks employment laws in any way, consider contacting a local employment lawyer.

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know your worth

Although you truly love the work that you do and want to hold on to your current position, it’s important to take your mental and emotional health into account as well. The best option may be to remove yourself from the situation and look for a different employment option. If your industry or field is a niche market, consider looking into the corporate culture of some of your current employers competitors. You may find an opportunity to do similar work in a better work environment.