Have you been considering creating a standalone app? …Or maybe you want to have an app to compliment your website, business or brand? It doesn’t matter why you want to create an app, we’re here to help by highlighting a few things you’ll want to consider before getting started!


Why do you need an app at all? Who’s your target audience? What is the purpose of the app you want to create? Make sure that you have a solid understanding of what and who the app is for. This will help to keep you focused and help you to improve its features along the way. 

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There are several options for creating your app. From using an app developer to using an online app builder  and doing it yourself. Your budget will often dictate which option you choose. If you’re a novice, but you want to go it alone, try building a ‘tester’ app first. Learn the ins and outs of code and implementation before working on your primary project. 

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A blog is a great addition to your application. Loads of apps do this such as MyFitnessPal. They include recipes, health tips, and success stories. Find ways to implement useful content for your industry or product into your app. 

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design it

The design aesthetic of your application is a big factor for its success. Make sure your app looks and feels welcoming and is easy to use. Don’t just think about how you want the interface to look when people see it also consider how you want it to function. 

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test time

Before you release your app make sure you send it off to be tested by a few independent testers for quality assurance and to make sure that you haven’t made any errors in the code. Not sure how to find an application tester? Don’t worry. There’s been an increase in app testing companies, so you will have many options to choose from.