We’ve been conditioned to think that the successful businesswoman is a recent phenomenon. This couldn’t be further from the truth. History is abundant with examples of bold and enterprising women who were icons of enterprise years ahead of their time.

Did you know that Khadīja b. Khuwaylid, the wife of The Prophet Muhammad, was a revered business woman long before she met the Prophet.

Today’s businesswomen have certain economic and cultural advantages that their ancestors did not but it’s only due to the sacrifices and success of those that came before them. As such, women in business have a unique set of responsibilities to themselves and future businesswomen. Whether you’ve been considering writing a book, starting an SEO Consulting Firm, or launching a new product, remember that your potential influence and success are bigger than just you!

a responsibility to be heard

After centuries of oppression and marginalization women now have the same right to free expression as their male counterparts. As such, there is an inherent responsibility for all business women to make their voices heard. Whether that’s through empowering others, challenging the status quo, or advocating for women in business, do your part!

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a responsibility to lead

No success businesswoman is an island and because there inevitably will be others that look to us for guidance, counseling, and support, it’s up to us to lead by example. Show the world that we can achieve success without compromising our morals or ethics.

a responsibility to address the inequalities of the workplace

The contemporary workplace still overflows with inequality. There are still corporate environments that permeate casual misogyny and the gender pay gap is still estimated by the World Economic Forum to take over 200 years to close. But every step we take both as individual businesswomen and collectively as a whole moves us forward.